School Mask Exemption Letter Template

School Mask Exemption Letter Template

School Mask Exemption Template; submitted by an OPSU member

A number of people have messaged me asking for what I sent to the school board to get my kids exempt from mask wearing so I figured it might be good to post it in here directly so everyone who wants it can grab it easily!

Below is the letter I sent to my daughter's Principal, her teacher, and the head of our school board:

"To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to notify you formally that, going forward, (child’s name) will be attending his/her Grade XX class at (school name) without wearing a face mask as he/she is medically exempt from the Government regulation requiring face mask usage.

Wearing such a mask poses a health risk to (child’s name) and he/she is not able to wear one at any time. As such, he/she will not be wearing one in school.

In accordance with the Canadian Human Rights Act and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, documentation or disclosure of (child’s name)’s medical condition is not required.

(Child’s name) is, however, entitled to an education and has the right to attend school. He/she will attend as scheduled on (date).

We will hold any authorities personally responsible for missed days that result from this decision.

I can be reached at xxx-xxx-xxxx should you have any issues you wish to discuss.


(Your Name)"