In Their Words

Written by a members daughter; F.K., age 12

A Child's Life Online: A girl once said: “I still have hope that things will get better, even though it will be a long time before they will.” Natasha Simon is a 13 year old girl from Winnipeg who talks about her life in virtual learning in an article on the CBC website. She complains about having to sit “in a dark room with the lights and the blinds closed. All of us facing some sort of electronic device, procrastinating and not getting our work done.” She doesn’t get to do any activities, and she doesn’t get to hang out with her friends. She feels like the adults know but don’t understand what she’s going through. She feels staying alive isn’t just about not dying, it’s about living. As for me, online schools are basically a jail cell meant for kids (which is run by technology) to sit around and stare at a screen all day. Virtual learning is a very big struggle especially for the kids starting high school and for kids in their first year of school. For the kids beginning school they have no idea how to be interactive with other students and aren't able to be in contact with other kids. They don’t have the proper learning curriculum as they do when they are in school. Kids' physical and mental health is not as good when they are not at school because kids aren’t running around as often and they don’t get to hang out with their friends. We are mostly sitting around and looking at a screen all day. I feel distracted most of the time and it’s hard to focus on my work when the due dates are coming up. Being online isn’t what most parents think, It’s more stressful than they think. You go on calls but you don’t get to see any faces. You’re not around any classmates. Some kids go through depression and never come out it, and other kids go through suicide attempts. In fact, suicide attempts are not as rare anymore. It’s happening all over the world because of depression. During online classes I’ve really felt sad. I would be around my best friend a lot, but since being online, I don’t get to see her. There are a few times when I get to see her, but when I had to go home, it just made me so sad, I just wanted to crawl into a ball and cry. Just thinking about these things really makes me feel depressed and thinking about all the other kids makes me really sad. A couple weeks during school it has been really stressful with work. I haven’t been turning most of my assignments in and there are some kids who never turn them because they have no motivation to turn them in. Kids do need motivation to do school work. The kids usually get motivation from the teachers and the physical interaction they have with them. I may not be the only one, but there are some kids who don’t care and just go on games all day. In conclusion, kids should be going back to school as soon as possible so we can end this bad online experience for growing minds. This may not happen but I would like to end the mask rules and go back to the usual life of a child where we can all be together.